Devised Firm and Solar 820 Joining Forces


Two organizations known for Dallas entrepreneurship are taking a venture into business together. They are going into government construction work that was already being handled by the acting President-to-be Phillip Inman. The Vice President, George Chavez, from Solar 820 will be handling a lot of the operations and contractors since he has a lot of experience in the project management area from his expertise and background with 820's million dollar enterprise. It is a exciting venture that is worth keeping an eye on in the upcoming years.

Biden Administration Releases Guidance and Numbers for Record Breaking SB Fed Contracts of $163 Billion


WASHINGTON –Today, Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman announced that the Biden-Harris Administration exceeded its small business contracting goal of 23% in fiscal year (FY) 2022, awarding an all-time high 26.5% of federal contract dollars to small businesses. This historic level amounts to a $162.9 billion investment in the small business economy – an $8.7 billion increase from the previous fiscal year. Ten federal agencies earned an “A+” for their agencies’ achievements in small business contracting, and an additional ten agencies received an “A” grade. The federal government, overall, earned an “A” on this year’s government-wide scorecard.