Devised Contractors LLC

Est 2023

Our Story

Our company is a venture that has spread strong across the great state of Texas. The President, Phillip L. Inman Jr., originally worked with Asher Contractors LLC, in San Antonio, Texas, that was headed up by Martha Garza and had at the helm Andy Garza, both 40+ year construction veterans. Phillip's advancement in government contract procurement happened quickly and he still credits Asher with that success. His plans now are to bring that same success he had in San Antonio, in Dallas, Austin and throughout all of Texas.

  • 20+ Years of Advanced Experience in Commercial Construction with Design Build and Engineering Expertise
  • University Educated Staff with Real World Knowledge
  • Multi-Industry, Multi-Trade Leadership With Extremely High Standards and OSHA-Backed Safety Operations

Happy Clients


Miles Of Travel

Hard Workers

Our Team is Built With Quality and Integrity in Mind, First and Foremost

At DC we aim to provide the highest level of craftmanship and professionalism that you can receive in the construction industry today. This is done by having a President of the company that cares about every project and does not let size and money dictate attention to detail. We are aiming at accomplishing the long term goals of our organization as well as every organization that we do business with.


We set them high, because without them we are nothing.


This should be the backbone of any crew, but being in the industry we have dealt with differences in what we consider honest. Our work is backed by our integrity, always.


Before Devised and hopefully during our new organization, we have always had the privilege of becoming preferred contractors to many different institutions. Now that we are all across Texas, we look forward to creating and nurturing these same relationships.

The Ride

There's a musical group called the 502's and if you ever get to listen to them, please do. The music is upbeat, motivating and a great vibe. There's a particular song that describes a "ride" and that it is important to enjoy it. That's what we want for our employees, partners and clients, a ride they can enjoy.

Design Build and Beyond

In today's construction industry, it is all about the relationships that are built and the EXPERTS that you have on your side. We still work with many organizations and even subcontract to some that have impressed us with their work. We always recommend to our employees and pay for them to continue learning and aspiring to more certifications and more advanced training. This is the only way to stay up-to-date with the current advances in technology and skills.


Along with our licenses and certifications, we also encourage and aim at hiring college educated employees due to the extensive nature of their knowledge in architecture, engineering, mathematics and science.


Our organization and our sister companies that we helped to establish have never had any accidents or injuries. We pride ourselves on OSHA safety standards and consistently give safety meetings during all projects!!!


Nothing excites Devised and the Executive staff like a design build project or something new and creative that we can be part of as an organization. We always hope to find employees and partners that get excited like we do. We understand this is a hard industry and we appreciate those that find motivation in creating infrastructure and can see the big picture behind it.


At Devised, our principals and front office is always available to our clients on a 24/7 basis. The President of the company has established this as a guiding principle because of the fact emergencies can happen at anytime in our profession. Since we have been preferred vendors for many institutions, it is important to be available, even if it is only to consult.

Our Team

Meet the President and Vice President of Devised Contractors LLC

Phillip L Inman Jr


Phillip Inman has worked across many different industries and has many different skillsets that follow from his history. Right after high school he joined the United States Marine Corps and ended up serving two combat tours in Iraq under OEF/OIF. He was injured his second tour and relied on his extensive education to move him forward to working in the legal field, automotive field and service industry. With an ungraduate degree in Public Law and Government, his first master's program in Political theory and another one in Public Administration he started a development firm after the war and some other business ventures. His firm has too many accomplishments to cover, but their main discipline is launching organizations and building revenue systems with an absolute endless amount of techniques like digital marketing or government contract procurement.


Our clients and the importance of their mission's motivate us everyday. These are just some of the different entities that we have done work for and in some cases, are still working for.

Joint Base San Antonio

HVAC, Plumbing, Build Outs, Design Builds, Painting

United States Coast Guard


United States Air Force

HVAC, Plumbing, Design Builds, Build Outs

University of Texas at San Antonio

Build Outs, Painting, HVAC, Plumbing

United States Navy

Design Builds, HVAC