Devised focuses mainly on commercial HVAC systems like RTUs and large Chiller Systems. We can perform any design build project or retrofit to specifications.

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We handle many different plumbing projects ranging from BPAs that cover maintenance services and replacement, to large scale new builds or renovations. Our project managers make sure the job is done with precision and cleanliness. Besides, presentation is everything.

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Devised has a strong background in electrical, especially since one of the sister companies is a very successful solar organization dealing with a lot of new world current. Our guys are thorough and they have over 40+ years of experience in residential, commercial and solar.

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Design Build

Our President Mr. Inman has worked with the Corps of Engineers and many architects to create some exciting infrastructure for the military, universities, hospitals and private projects. It is a passion of our firm to create new, but our main goal is to create anything that is lasting and improving our communities.

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Yes, when solar is done correctly it is a huge benefit for everyone, especially in Texas. We have made lives easier all over Dallas by erasing electric bills and even helping establish remodels when needed.

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Build Outs

Our carpenters are extremely skilled at their profession and work across many different industries building out restaurants, offices, commercial buildings and much more. The finished product is always a sight to see. Try us!

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Many jobs we perform are based on contracts with the federal government. It is important to understand that priority is given to these jobs and sometimes we are unable to extend our services if we are spread thin across a multitude of different of projects.

  • Project management is imperative
  • Time completion and schedule is paramount
  • Precision must be absolute

State, County and Local

The same goes for other government jobs. However, in our experience we have found that scheduling can be less strict when it comes to some of these entities. Extended work hours always help and can increase scheduling, but time completion and precision are still key!

  • Project management is imperative
  • Time completion and schedule is paramount
  • Precision must be absolute

Insurance Claims

We do specialize in working with insurance companies and dealing in storm damage or other types of large scale remodeling. Please reach out if you are in need of an estimate and we will let you know what our timetable looks like in helping you with your repairs.

  • Storm Damage
  • Major Restoration
  • Major Construction

Private Party

If you have a large project that you may be interested in having us quote, please reach out. We have been in the business for a long time and have worked in many different industries, like restaurants, real estate, solar, legal, technology and much more. It never hurts to talk.

  • Concept Design
  • Consulting
  • Infrastructure

Our Design Build Services Are Backed By Experience Working With The Army Corps of Engineers

The Difference

This experience can make a difference when deciding what contractor to choose. Especially when it comes down to who the architect and designer may be one the project. We work with experienced ex-military personnel in order to make the jobs more manageable.


With so much experience and knowledge, we improve constantly on the planning and procedures in which have satisfied many organizations. It is with great pleasure that we now get to build an even larger footprint in the central Texas area and beyond.

Bonding Capabilities

Considering this is a new venture for us and the company is fairly young, please keep in mind that our bonding capacity will be starting out around $1-5 million to begin. Our teaming is much larger, but individual remains lower for now until we establish a baseline, as all new organizations need to. Thanks for your understanding.


At Devised we look forward to teaming with other talented organizations and taking on larger contracts. Greed is not in our mindset or vocabulary, craftsmanship is! So, feel free to reach out to us if you need a prime contractor, general contractor that you can trust to work with on a job.