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We are a Prime Contractor in the Great State of Texas helping to build and keep the infrastructure that is so important to our great country sound and strong! We do this by providing superior construction services with the most vetted skilled professionals in the industry. We gladly identify as a VETERAN-OWNED, MINORITY-OWNED, SMALL-BUSINESS, HUB-CERTIFIED, DISADVANTAGED ORGANIZATION that is proud to work with the best our country has to offer like the Corps of Army Engineers, the United States Air Force, American Universities and Schools, Public and private hospitals, County and State Governments and many more entities.

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Devised Contractors LLC can be contacted with requests for RFPs, RFQs and any other requests like BPAs that need professional services that can be counted on.

Devised Contractors LLC prefers site visits in order to be able to gain a comprehensive vision of what the job entails. Going in blindly leads to obvious challenges and could create future slowdowns.

Whenever possible, please include the solicitation number and any pertinent information that you have available that will help us make our response to your inquiry as thorough as possible. We appreciate your time and look forward to working with you.

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The future is going to be beautiful!!!

Commercial Construction

Devised Contractors' work portfolio spans across a mutlitude of different industries. We service universities, the military, hospitals, schools, restaurants, manufacturing and many different other partners. We have become the preferred partner of many institutions because of the quality of engineering and work that we not only provide, but that we guarantee.

Design Build

Your Architect or Ours? We have our preferred engineers and partners, but we specialize in being able to work with any group or individual that an organization may have decided on to complete a job. Our experience is endless and our professionalism is very apparent the moment you meet us. We are excited to meet, contact us and let's sit down to discuss your project and the future of your company.

Communication is the KEY

When it comes to working with a number of different assets, in a large scale project, all communication has to be very clear and concise. At Devised, we pride ourselves on speaking the language of those that we do business with. Phillip Inman, the President of our organization is ex-military with three degree programs behind him and his ability to plan and scale is unparalleled in this industry.

Our Specialties

Most of our work tends to be on the government side with most of it coming from contract based services. This has a lot to do with the fact that we are a Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Organization that loves working to build the future infrastructure for our country. This means military, hospitals, universities, schools and much more. We take pride in our work and our country.

Preferred Partners

Devised Contractors LLC is always looking for amazing partners to work with in the construction industry. Whether you are an interior decorator or a commercial electrical company, reach out to us if you are seeking more work and would like to discuss opportunities. We are always picking up new contracts and bidding on new jobs, so if you are willing to partner then we are willing to sitdown!


Most of what Devised Contractors LLC does is Commercial, but we do not turn away projects that interest us...


Devised focuses mainly on commercial HVAC systems like RTUs and large Chiller Systems. We can perform any design build project or retrofit to specifications.

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We handle many different plumbing projects ranging from BPAs that cover maintenance services and replacement, to large scale new builds or renovations. Our project managers make sure the job is done with precision and cleanliness. Besides, presentation is everything.

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Devised has a strong background in electrical, especially since one of the sister companies is a very successful solar organization dealing with a lot of new world current. Our guys are thorough and they have over 40+ years of experience in residential, commercial and solar.

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Design Build

Our President Mr. Inman has worked with the Corps of Engineers and many architects to create some exciting infrastructure for the military, universities, hospitals and private projects. It is a passion of our firm to create new, but our main goal is to create anything that is lasting and improving our communities.

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Yes, when solar is done correctly it is a huge benefit for everyone, especially in Texas. We have made lives easier all over Dallas by erasing electric bills and even helping establish remodels when needed.

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Build Outs

Our carpenters are extremely skilled at their profession and work across many different industries building out restaurants, offices, commercial buildings and much more. The finished product is always a sight to see. Try us!

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Our Team is Built With Quality and Integrity in Mind First and Foremost

At DC we aim to provide the highest level of craftmanship and professionalism that you can receive in the construction industry today. This is done by having a President of the company that cares about every project and does not let size and money dictate attention to detail. We are aiming at accomplishing the long term goals of our organization as well as every organization that we do business with.


We set them high, because without them we are nothing.


This should be the backbone of any crew, but being in the industry we have dealt with differences in what we consider honest. Our work is backed by our integrity, always.


Before Devised and hopefully during our new organization, we have always had the privilege of becoming preferred contractors to many different institutions. Now that we are in Dallas, we look forward to creating and nurturing these same relationships.

The Ride

There's a musical group called the 502's and if you ever get to listen to them please do. The music is upbeat, motivating and a great vibe. There's a particular song though that describes a "ride" and that it's important to enjoy it. That's what we want for our employees, partners and clients.

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Our clients and the importance of their missions motivate us everyday. These are just some of the different organizations that we have done work for and in some cases, are still working for.

Joint Base San Antonio

HVAC, Plumbing, Build Outs, Design Builds, Painting

United States Coast Guard


United States Air Force

HVAC, Plumbing, Design Builds, Build Outs

University of Texas at San Antonio

Build Outs, Painting, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical

United States Navy

Design Builds, HVAC, Electrical